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Bigneat is a global supplier of fume cabinets (ductless), enclosures and extraction systems incorporating Chemcap carbon filtration technology and HEPA filtration. Bigneat is widely regarded as the world’s No 1 manufacturer of laboratory automation and robotics system enclosures.


Bigneat manufactures clean air and hazard containment equipment for laboratories and factories, including:

  • Chemcap ductless fume cabinets and cupboards - for chemical fume removal which utilise a proven carbon filtration technology for effective removal of chemical fumes
  • Fume & dust extraction systems - which play a major role in cleaning the air in the laboratory surroundings
  • Powder weighing stations - which use HEPA filters tested to BS EN1822
  • Chemical storage cupboards - ductless and up to 200 litre bottle capacity
  • Robotics & laboratory automation enclosures (Bigneat is the world leader in this field)
  • Cleanrooms – for retro and upgrade of existing rooms

A comprehensive commissioning and validation service is offered, including scheduled maintenance visits, emergency call-out, advice on best practice, legislation and legal requirements.