Surface hygiene test wins Finnish Chemical Industry Innovation Award

The research team of Orion Diagnostica from left to right: Leena Aro, Anna Kaisa Kylmä, Anne Ackermann, Pauliina Pettilä, Juhani Luotola, Päivi Riekkinen-Holm and Veli-Mies Häivä (Photo: Juha Rahkonen)

A chemical test card for monitoring surface hygiene has won the Finnish Chemical Industry Innovation Award and has been awarded €20,000. Orion Diagnostica and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed the Orion Clean Card PRO and envision a wide range of applications for it.

The card is manufactured by roll-to-roll printing. The surface to be monitored is simply moistened and wiped with the card. The result is available immediately, as a colour change indicates if protein residues remain on the surface.

The innovation is said to be of potential value to numerous sectors, including food hygiene and hospitals and healthcare.

The surface hygiene test is also a breakthrough for Finnish functional printing technology. The Orion Clean Card PRO is the first commercial product resulting from years of research and development in the area.

The Chemical Industry’s Scientific Advisory Board selected the winning innovation.

The Chemical Industry Innovation Award is a biennial award and this is the 11th time it has been granted.


Harri Kopola VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland T +358 40 557 4867

Riitta Juvonen Chemical Industry Federation of Finland T +358 9 1728 4318


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