Encube Ethicals opens new topical manufacturing facility

The 350 sqm facility in Goa caters for topical products, including those containing HPAPIs

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Case Study: A cleanroom solution for Formula 1 team

JD Cooling has built a cleanroom for an F1 team needing to improve the quality assurance of a sensitive component with ...

Cleanroom Technology Awards: Winners celebrate success in 2019

JD Cooling, Isoone, Asgard and Veltek have taken home the awards sponsored by Micronclean

Exyte reports €852 million in sales in Q1 2019

The latest financials of the German construction and engineering company shows 13% growth year-on-year

FireMaster: Invisible protection

Coopers Fire, the company behind the Gravity Fail Safe Fire Curtain launched 30 years ago and adopted worldwide, has ...

WHP wins design contract for the Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in the UK

Project will see the engineering company design new cGMP suites and filling rooms for the UK's innovative vaccines ...

Instrument concept: Building a modular cleanroom the Metisafe way

The Ankara-based air dynamics and air filtration company will showcase a proprietary approach to cleanroom construction ...

Grant Merrill | AES Clean Technology CEO

Looking back on 25 years in the business, the mechanical engineer spearheading AES tells CT about the strategy moving ...

WHP Engineering gets $3.2m cash injection for cleanroom projects

The funding comes in the form of two short-term loans and will be used to fulfil three major contracts

Fujifilm Diosynth announces further UK cell culture expansion plans

The construction of the new BioCampus is estimated to cost £12.6m ($16.3m)

Five forces driving energy efficiency in next-gen cleanroom design

Jo Nelissen, founder of ABN Cleanroom Technology, believes a new era is arising around modular cleanroom design with ...

Guide to commissioning and qualification

The specific steps companies should follow to complete a cleanroom project, be it a new build or upgrade, are explained ...

2018 Construction Round-up

New builds and facility upgrades announced in 2018 by pharmaceuticals and hi-tech product makers

Bayer chooses Fluor and GE Healthcare for new cell culture technology centre

Company will invest US$150 million in new California facility expected to be ready for clinical production in late 2021

Hi-tech New York facility gets new resident after years in limbo

NexGen Power Systems has pledged $40 million to bring the facility to the required state, updating cleanroom space by ...