Draft ISO 14644-17: Particle deposition matters

Koos Agricola, a member of the international committee working on a new ISO standard that focuses on particle deposition rate, dissects the parameter that relates air cleanliness directly to the probability of surface contamination

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Amastan Technologies invests in battery product development

The investments are across personnel, testing and characterisation labs, dryrooms and facilities

JSR Micro begins construction of $100m semiconductor facility

New plant in Oregon, US, will focus on advanced cleans due to increasing complexity of technology requiring continual ...

Cree funds $1bn silicon carbide production capacity expansion

The expansion on two buildings is expected to generate up to a 30-fold increase in SiC wafer fabrication capacity and ...

Review: Cleanroom Technology Conference 2019

This year's event fulfilled its promise to deliver a high-calibre programme to an international audience

UK company makes anti-static bar even smaller

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques' 47 mm 24V DC static eliminator can be combined with a fixed nozzle for ionised air ...

Rochester Institute of Technology to use $1m grant to expand cleanroom

The upgrade and expansion will make the cleanroom better equipped to deal with emerging technologies

Compound semiconductors: Let there be light, speed and power

UK companies get ahead of the curve with investments in R&D and fabrication infrastructure for next-gen electronics. ...

Parc launches cleanroom services for electronics R&D partnerships

The facilities will help small and medium-sized projects develop prototype electronic devices and novel technologies ...

Micron completes Singapore NAND centre of excellence expansion

This multi billion dollar cleanroom has been expanded to support advanced 3D NAND technology node transitions while ...

Editor's comment: Hi-tech manufacturing steals the show

This month's issue looks at contamination control in hi-tech applications

Jim Polarine | STERIS Senior Technical Service Manager

Either chasing tornados or identifying microbial contamination, Polarine travels the world coaching how to put science ...

Supplier analysis for wafer fabrication

Even ultra-trace contamination can ruin an entire batch of microcircuits. That's about to change with new technology ...

Exyte opens lab to economise dryroom components for battery production

Shanghai Lab will test and evaluate key components for dryrooms under various conditions in order to design and build ...

Chinese electronics company JCET begins high-volume wafer bumping

The line currently offers both lead-free and copper column bump types with bump pitches down to 40 μm possible