Okmetic plans silicon wafer facility investment

Tens of millions of euros will be invested in its Finnish plant between 2019–2021

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South Korean electronics company builds US headquarters

ENF Technology is building a cleanroom production area with advanced blending and process monitoring technologies to ...

Oxford Nanopore automates flow cell production at new UK facility

Besides flow cells, the MinION building integrates processes that are typically found in other industries; s ...

Hamamatsu builds $60m opto-semiconductor facility in Japan

A predicted production capacity of approximately $250m to meet demand has justified the construction price

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Micron Technology plans $2bn cleanroom near Hiroshima

The US semiconductor manufacturer is focused on technology transitions over production capacity

Exyte Technology opens production site in Renningen

The cleanroom company employs 200 people at the new 13,000-square-metre facility in Germany

Supplier analysis for wafer fabrication

Even ultra-trace contamination can ruin an entire batch of microcircuits. That's about to change with new technology ...

AIM Photonics removes cleanroom wall to install specialist equipment

The equipment was heavy enough to necessitate a load-spreading base to prevent them from falling through the floors and ...

Nitrogen glovebox improves 2D device manufacturing process

Transistors, microprocessors, lasers, and LEDs have a lot to gain if 2D devices with good stability can be mass ...

Plasma technology: A versatile cleaning tool

Surface activation, surface treatment and precision cleaning are processes now possible with plasma-based tools. ...

Compound semiconductors: Let there be light, speed and power

UK companies get ahead of the curve with investments in R&D and fabrication infrastructure for next-gen electronics. ...

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EV Group starts new Cleanroom V project in Austria

The wafer bonding and lithography specialist will invest €30 million on cleanroom expansion at St. Florian ...

Watch live now: NASA streams from the Mars rover cleanroom

Webchats are also being hosted daily for the rover team to answer questions from the public