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Priorclave launches Wi-Fi autoclaves

The autoclave manufacturer says the upgrade will be available to all Priorclave laboratory and research sterilisers ...

"The future belongs to real-time methods for determining microorganism counts"

Dr Christian Raiss, director at the Hygiene-Institut AYSID, will discuss methods for determining microorganism counts ...

Solving a contamination crisis with the right tech

Don't get caught without the right tech in a contamination crisis, it is typically not a matter of Ďif' it will happen, ...

Clean in place systems explained

Clean in place (CIP) technology has been around since the 1950s yet even today it is often seen as a low priority when ...

Winners of the Cleanroom Technology 2018 Awards announced

Industry awards have been presented at this year's international conference in Birmingham

Airbus Portsmouth opens cleanroom to showcase revolutionary satellite

Game-changing Eutelsat Quantum 3.5 tonne satellite, manufactured by Airbus and Surrey Satellite Technology, is a ...

Bearings: the inside matters

The demand for cleanroom automation equipment increases at a rapid rate with the growth of the medical and consumer ...

UNM awarded $1.6 million NSF grant to extend microsystems education

Online materials on microsystems will teach students about cleanroom safety, manufacturing, and fabrication

Industry Trends and Best Practices for the Cleanroom Environment

Webinar will cover components that will allow end users to comply with the FDA, EMA and MHR regulations

Data integrity: a regulatory perspective

How does your lab stand up to increased scrutiny?

Performance validation: HPAPI containment testing in a risk-based era

Taking a more automated approach to validation testing paves the way to capturing more repeatable and reliable data, ...

Pharmaceutical manufacture: new standards and best practice

The 23rd annual Pharmig conference, held in Nottingham in November 2015, brought together expert microbiologists, ...

Sealed animal carrier system for use in cleanroom environments

The animal bed prevents contamination and maintains the health of lab rodents, including those with immune-deficiencies

Synbiosis introduces Chromogenic ID media software

Thermo Fisher software allows fast, accurate identification of microbes on the world's most popular agars