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UNM awarded $1.6 million NSF grant to extend microsystems education

Online materials on microsystems will teach students about cleanroom safety, manufacturing, and fabrication

Industry Trends and Best Practices for the Cleanroom Environment

Webinar will cover components that will allow end users to comply with the FDA, EMA and MHR regulations

Sealed animal carrier system for use in cleanroom environments

The animal bed prevents contamination and maintains the health of lab rodents, including those with immune-deficiencies

Data integrity: a regulatory perspective

How does your lab stand up to increased scrutiny?

Synbiosis introduces Chromogenic ID media software

Thermo Fisher software allows fast, accurate identification of microbes on the world's most popular agars

ZEISS presents new microscope cameras

Carl Zeiss introduces two new high-speed USB 3.0 digital microscope cameras

Sartorius combines GAMP 4 software with benchtop bioreactor system

New technology enables design space characterisation for enhanced, large-scale process analytics

US FDA approves LBTíS Automated Plate Assessment System

FDA clears APAS imaging and software technology as a Class II medical device

Pharmaceutical manufacture: new standards and best practice

The 23rd annual Pharmig conference, held in Nottingham in November 2015, brought together expert microbiologists, ...

Leak detection in process vessels

In the manufacture of biologicals single-use disposable flexible vessels are commonly used as bioreactors, mixers and ...

Hospital reduces MRSA rates by 42%

Study shows use of data from DebMedís electronic monitoring system significantly improves hand hygiene compliance along ...

Matrix Gemini EM facilitates environmental monitoring in pharma, biotechnology or medical device manufacture

Matrix Gemini EM is a specific configuration of the Matrix Gemini LIMS