Packaging: The secret to food safety

Dr Ulrich Nehring, a food chemist, sheds light on the packaging materials that can help manufacturers ensure food safety

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Mile High Labs buys ex-Novartis site in Colorado to produce CBD products

The Broomfield facility comprises 400,000 sqft of pharmaceutical production space

Ocado invests in controlled environment farming

The group will be part of a joint venture to design new solutions for the vertical farming industry

New CBD line from Layn inspires $60m manufacturing facility

Chinese ingredients maker will produce oil, CBD distillate, and crystallised isolate at new US plant

Video: Screening and processing systems for powder coatings

The industrial vibratory screener by Russell Finex automatically screens powder coatings, removing all contamination ...

Coca-Cola and Danone among founding members of China food tech hub

Move to foster cooperation between startups and biotech firms, flavour houses, and food companies

Christeyns Food Hygiene introduces new e-learning system

Moviemento is designed to teach staff how to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of food and beverage production ...

Europe market report: Playing the waiting game

Demand for cleanrooms, products and services is on the rise in Europe despite Brexit uncertainty. Players in the region ...

Greif doubles container production

The capacity increase provides intermediate bulk containers for the food industry

LexaGene LX analyser detects Botrytis cinerea, study finds

The grey mould infects over 200 plant species causing the most yield loss in strawberries, grapes and cannabis

Guide to handling a metal contamination food recall

Phil Brown, Fortress Technology, examines the factors making food manufacturers at risk of product recall, even with ...

Choosing doors for food processing facilities

Sheree Headspith of Dortek walks through the qualities and requirements for selecting the right set of doors for food ...

Controlling environmental factors

Food production requires humidity solutions to achieve the best quality in both preservation and presentation, as John ...

FDA working group to oversee cannabis and derived products

A team at the US agency will explore potential pathways for dietary supplements and foods containing CBD to be lawfully ...

NanoPack Project ascertains public view of nanotech in active packaging

The EU-funded project surveyed the opinion of consumers and retail managers from five countries and determined ...