Camfil agrees project with meat production facility

Camfil has made an agreement with Tönnies Group in Germany for the implementation of a multi-level high care, high hygiene air filtration concept

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Collaboration delivers biosecurity plant to new animal quarantine centre

The wastewater decontamination specialist has teamed up with its Australia agent, Fineweld Stainless Steel, to supply, ...

Realco extends the expiration date of food products

The so-called use-by date (UBD) has far-reaching implications if we consider that, in Europe, some 88 million tons of ...

Stancold announces new project in the food and drink industry

Controlled environment experts has been chosen to help South Wales-based international food ingredients supplier ...

Microarray to uncover bonafide bacterial 16S DNA sequences

Mike Hogan, the scientist behind PathogenDx’s patented Tandem PCR + Microarray Hybridisation technology, reveals how ...

Kalera opens new vertical farming facility in Florida

The US company has utilised cleanroom technology and processes to eliminate the use of chemicals and remove exposure to ...

Stancold completes hygienic partitioning project for dairy

UK-based Stancold has completed construction of a yoghurt tank and clean in place (CIP) room

Contamination in a changing food production industry

The European food sector has changed significantly over the last three years. The influence equipment manufacturers ...

Food Standards Agency sets deadline to UK CBD industry

Businesses to apply for novel food authorisation to keep CBD oil products on shelves

New rapid tests for E.coli detection hit the market

Researchers in the US have developed near real-time methods for bacterial isolation and characterisation

2019 Cleanroom Business Round-up

Key mergers, acquisitions and new businesses of the past 12 months

US market report: Biologics and sustainability lead the way

The sentiment is positive among cleanroom solution providers because influx of projects comes from all market segments, ...

Medicinal cannabis: What it takes to be GMP-ready

The legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes pushes producers to supply chemists, physicians and patients with ...

Cargill funds food processing cleanroom to reduce protein waste

Cargill has partnered with the Houston Food Bank in Texas to donate a USDA-monitored food processing cleanroom

Cannabis Trades Association: The UK should keep CBD products on shelves

A campaign is underway to prevent the Foods Standards Agency to attempt to enforce any move against the CBD industry