Integrity testing of HEPA filters: A practical approach

Filtering the air in aseptic process areas is critical to maintaining the cleanliness of the production environment. Jesus Casas provides tips to ensure HEPA filters are fit for purpose once installed in your facility

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XCAM launches the PFO 1040 at the 2018 Cleanroom Technology Conference

The XCAM PFO 1040 unit provides real-time, high-resolution and automatic particulate fall-out monitoring

PMS and Novatek work together on integrated EM solution

The comprehensive software and hardware solution enables a risk-based approach to environmental monitoring in ...

Ancon unveils portable aerosol sampling device

Aero Select is a ground-breaking environmental monitoring, pollutant detection solution

Measuring and imaging particle deposition in real time

Most particle counters fail to register particles of 5 m or larger, as they settle out in the air sampling tube. ...

Malvern links up with Bio-Rad to makes particle identification quicker and easier

The two firms come together to deliver new analytical tools for rapid identification of unknown particles

Contaminexpo show honours three award-winners for cleanroom innovations

The winning companies were chosen from nine shortlisted entrants

Real-time particle fallout monitoring: Challenges and solutions

A patent-pending method based on CMOS sensor technology is set to revolutionise the monitoring of particle fallout in ...

Malvern adds new Mastersizer and Zetasizer products

With its recent acquisitions the company has a rapidly growing portfolio of analytical solutions for pharma and ...

Particles Plus acquires Airy Technology

Expands its position in handheld and remote particle counter technology

Optical particle counter calibration: Understanding ISO 215014

ISO 21501 is a family of standards describing the instruments and calibration requirements for determining particle ...

Making sense of particle counters

Understanding how particle counters work is crucial to making informed decisions in the operation of a cleanroom. Jason ...

EU project to tackle AMC monitoring

In the semiconductor, photovoltaic and LED sectors, airborne contamination is frequently an issue, but measurement and ...

New particle counting system analyses high quantities of samples

PAMAS AS3 offers reliable and trouble-free operation

TSI offers AeroTrak remote particle counters

With integrated pump provide seamless installation and maintenance