Ecolab: New Klercide balances effective disinfection with user acceptability

The Klercide Sporicidal Enhanced Peroxide boasts 1.5% concentration of hydrogen peroxide yet is equally effective and faster acting than a standard 6% formulation

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Bioquell opens technology centre at Americas headquarters in Pennsylvania

Facility designed to highlight and train customers on new biodecontamination solutions

Competition and Markets Authority reviews Ecolab-Holchem merger

Ecolab and Holchem are two of the largest suppliers of cleaning chemicals to food and drink manufacturers in the UK

Guide to wash-in-place process in horizontal mixing systems

Modular solutions are proven to reliably fulfil any industry-specific requirements in the pharmaceutical, food, ...

Coverage, buckets, and validation: The secret to mopping floor surfaces

Contec's Dave Nobile on the best practices to render consistent desired outcomes

CBD beats resistant strains of gram-positive bacteria

The potential antibiotic is also effective at disrupting biofilms

Mikropor expands Michigan filter production operations

The filtration and purification providers will be investing over £400,000 and expanding its footprint

Debugging the effluent

Effluent decontamination systems are critical to the safe operation of a contained facility because microorganisms can ...

Cleanroom Technology Awards: Winners celebrate success in 2019

JD Cooling, Isoone, Asgard and Veltek have taken home the awards sponsored by Micronclean

Micronclean partners with cleanroom clothing provider BeMicron

The company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with BeMicron to provide coveralls to the UK

Autoclave packaging for efficient sterilisation

While steam and pressure are vital factors in the efficiency of the sterilisation process, the packaging of the items ...

Passivation: An extra layer of protection for critical equipment

The cleaning process that removes iron from a surface layer of stainless steel alloy can play a pivotal role in ...

Plasma technology: A versatile cleaning tool

Surface activation, surface treatment and precision cleaning are processes now possible with plasma-based tools. ...

Connect 2 Cleanrooms and Elis Cleanroom join forces

Partnership agreement will see C2C carry laundry and rental services and Elis represent the C2C range of consumables

Researchers create magnetic microrobots to remove biofilms

The new technology uses iron oxide nanoparticle robots with a dual catalytic-magnetic mechanism to break down matrix, ...