UK trials subscription-style scheme to lure pharma into drug development

The initiative pays pharmaceuticals upfront for access to drugs based on their usefulness to the NHS

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Kite to build plant for cell therapies portfolio in California

A 67,000-square-foot facility will be built within an existing Gilead biologics production site in Oceanside

WHP completes cleanroom project for ADC Bio in the UK

The GMP facility in North Wales features Grade C and D cleanrooms and four-zone HVAC systems

Brisbane hot lab expands cleanroom to increase output of nuclear medicine

Investment of A$6.11 million gives a boost to the production of radioactive pharmaceuticals

Nanonisation: Tiny technology to turn drug failures to success

Finnish biotech Nanoform opens up on the new process that is quickly catching on among drug developers and manufacturers

British cell and gene therapy accelerator releases annual report

The CGT Catapult has worked on more than 110 projects addressing industry challenges

Teva completes facilities purchase in Pennsylvania

Investment will see the Israeli drug-maker set up a Research & Development campus in the US

Passivation: An extra layer of protection for critical equipment

The cleaning process that removes iron from a surface layer of stainless steel alloy can play a pivotal role in ...

Nexus Pharmaceuticals plans $250m sterile injectables facility in the US

Facility in Wisconsin will support the production and supply of injectable drugs in an array of therapeutic areas ...

Takeda opens first API facility in Ireland

The Japan-based group is also investing $33.5m in what will be the first commercial scale cell-therapy production ...

Meet the new TSI AeroTrak+ Remote airborne particle counters

All models are covered by an industry-exclusive standard five-year laser warranty

Review: Cannabis Europa 2019

Scientists, businesses and politicians backing the legalisation and regulation of medical and recreational cannabis ...

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EnPro Industries acquires The Aseptic Group

Aseptic fluid transfer product manufacturing will be added to EnPro's portfolio of offerings

Oxford Nanopore automates flow cell production at new UK facility

Besides flow cells, the MinION building integrates processes that are typically found in other industries; s ...