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Since 1990, AM Instruments has been at the forefront of the contamination control sector.
An organisation of 120 people and a sales network that extends all across Italy.
An export sector connected with distributors all over the world.
Two brands, Pharmaclean® and AMTech®, that offer the highest quality production of disposable products and innovative technologies for classified environments.
An R&D team dedicated to the development of innovative products.
A wide-ranging and high-quality commercial offering.
The best of Made in Italy in contamination control.
A GMP-consistent company with ISO 9001:2015 certification.


AM Instruments’ portfolio of products and services stands out due to the breadth and depth of the offer, guaranteeing the most modern and innovative solutions.



Products and services for contamination control

  • Packaging, protection and sterilisation systems manufactured in a Grade A/B – C cleanroom
  • Cleaning tools
    • Wipes
    • Cleanroom stationery
    • Contamination control mats
    • Technical furnitures and accessories

    Technology, systems, automation

    • Biodecontamination
    • Equipment
    • Hand disinfection
    • Laminar airflow


    In 2017 we launched Pharmaclean, a new production department in cleanroom, with an innovative line of products for the packaging and the protection of sterility specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs in terms of effectiveness, safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. Pharmaclean is the result of the experience we gained in 30 years of activity: thanks to this know-how we were able to create products that fully adhere to the increasingly stringent quality and safety requirements that the life science sector requires. Structures, equipment and processes are validated in accordance with our Quality Management System.


    AM Instruments offers systems, facilities and equipment for cleanrooms. AM Tech manufactures standard and custom-made products through a careful analysis of the customer’s requests and special needs. Our team is able to offer solutions even for unusual and complex dimensions, functions and layouts, thanks to the support of the highly modern design and production processes. From the design, to the project, to its realisation, AM Instruments provides a professional, competent and proactive approach.

    GMP Consistent

    In a sector characterized by stringent regulatory standards and risks that affect workers and final products, we are conscious of our responsibility to find solutions to the problems that the pharmaceutical industry constantly faces. The unwavering focus on the quality and reliability of its products and services led AM Instruments in 2015 to implement the GMP Oriented 2015:2020 program allowing the development of greater synergy with life sciences customers and the constant rise of quality standards, in line with market demands.


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