Alsico High Tech

Pont West 109

+32 55 27 06 30



Alsico High Tech is a global supplier of garments for cleanrooms, clean areas, ESD environments and operating theatres


We develop, produce and supply high quality cleanroom garments, clean area garments and ESD garments to rental companies, end-users and specialised distributors.

We are part of the Alsico group, specialist in workwear with more than 80 years’ experience. Alsico High Tech started in 1990 as a division of Alsico Belgium but became a separate company in 2010. This was essential to concentrate 100% on its core business: creating and producing cleanroom garments, which protect the product from the workers and not the other way around.


Our goal is to produce and supply high quality cleanroom garments at a competitive price within an acceptable delay. We want to fully support our customers by providing a wide range of garments and by delivering the best service in terms of quality, delivery and technical support. We want to be the most trusted cleanroom garment supplier worldwide.


We have an experienced and motivated team. We care about our employees and have a pleasant business culture. All our colleagues work together to achieve the same company goals. This results in greater customer satisfaction. Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.


Our well-skilled and enthusiastic team puts in a daily effort to meet the changing demands and specifications of our customers. A reliable partnership with both suppliers and customers enables us to ensure that all delivered goods meet the most critical standards and norms. Years of gathering validation data with our pharmaceutical customers has given us a profound knowledge of the challenging requirements of the cleanroom environment.

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