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Amira is a key player in the biodecontamination and controlled contamination environment sectors. With headquarter in Italy, the company is focused on producing and distributing state-of-the-art instruments for particle and microbiological monitoring suitable for different industries and applications.


Since its foundation in 2003, Amira has been collaborating with global industry-leading partners to offer the best quality solutions for contamination containment, control and monitoring.

In 2013 Amira started the production of Bioreset, the range of most technologically advanced, effective and rapid biodecontamination system. Using vapour-phase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 V-Phase) as a cold sterilising agent, it is the right solution
 to eliminate a wide spectrum of microorganisms quickly and effectively, granting a 6 Log reduction.

Marketed worldwide through a network of expert distributors, Bioreset solutions are widely used to remove the airborne and surface microbiological contamination in controlled or classified environments for pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnological, animal care and in any other environment where microbiological contamination is a concern.

Speed, flexibility, efficacy and safety are among the advantages offered by Bioreset, as better described below:

  • 6-log reduction on exposed surfaces
  • excellent compatibility with most materials
  • no residues
  • rapid, effective and repeatable cycles
  • user-friendly software simplifies the interaction with operators
  • environment pre-conditioning not required
  • fast restoration of operating conditions
  • little maintenance activities required
  • high flexibility to meet specific customer needs
  • maximum safety for the operator and the environment
  • worldwide distributor network for pre-sales consultancy and after-sales assistance.

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