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Asiatic Fiber Corporation is a Taiwan-based textile company founded in 1973. It is a brand that commits itself to create intelligent and ever-advancing products using functional textiles


Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Unyielding, resolute and diligent mentality, are the traits rooted in the AFC team. This spirit has successfully assisted him in guiding AFC into the international market as a leading technical textile manufacturer.

Today, AFC has firmly gained the largest market share in the European market. AFC’s products are also exported to 62 countries worldwide.

Every product design of AFC is based on our vision “Better Care, Better Life”, and this dedication has become the reason why customers strongly associate functional fiber and textiles with AFC and AFC only.

We concentrate on the development of functional and intelligent textiles and are highly regarded as the best in the industry. We use innovative fiber to inspire diversified applications, leading the world into the infinite possibilities of the textile industry, to create a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment.

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Our Vision – Better Care, Better Life.

Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC) contributes to a cleaner, safer and healthier world. We believe textile is no longer just for basic clothing but can be engineered for use in more intelligent functions. We believe every workplace and person’s life deserves better.

Our Mission – Leading the World in Textiles.

AFC is committed to advance the quality of workplaces and life by researching and developing innovative and intelligent textiles. We devote ourselves to becoming an innovation-driven, unique, and resourceful textile company. We provide excellent service and high quality products to our customers through our business principles: integrity, innovation, teamwork, and satisfaction. Leading the world to see the infinite possibilities of the textile industry.

Our Value – Weaving Strong Partnerships.

AFC believes that textiles make a better life, a better work environment, and even a better world. Over 40 years of experience have demonstrated to us the importance of our products to our customers and to the people who wear them. We offer high performance products that are more affordable and of better quality than our competitors. We consult, we develop, we solve, and we deliver. We are the strongest partner for our customers.

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Our logo

AFC Logo not only represents our brands, but also our employees, our culture and our value. The logo is centred in the square which
symbolises solid foundation. The horizontal line through the "A" represents unlimited innovation, energy and creativity.

Always innovative
Functional fiber
Committed to our customers


Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Asiatic Fiber Corporation


AFC was founded in Taiwan in 1973. AFC established its product base through research and development of special high function fibers. This led to further development of cleanroom textiles, specialized medical clothing, special-function & smart textile innovation. Our strategy is based on three key points: Create value, balance interests and manage a sustainable business.

It has taken us from becoming the dominant leader in Taiwan to our entrance into global markets. AFC is proud to be a pioneer and leader in the field of cleanroom and electrostatic discharge (ESD) products in Asia. Through our global vision and with representation in most of the advanced countries, AFC has become the main supplier of these products to Europe, America, and Asia. AFC has obtained 32 patents to date and has our products being exported to 62 countries worldwide.

Since China is one of the most rapidly developing areas of the world, AFC established a manufacturing facility in Kunshan, China. This facility services the local China market. AFC has continued developing medical, healthcare and smart textile based on our core
values of diversifying our business operation and pursuing corporation synergy. Our vision for the future is to promote ”AFC” brand to the global market by creating unique product designs through teamwork and innovative research.


Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Taipei office, Taiwan

AFC was founded in 1973 as Haur Shiang Industrial Corporation, for the textile machine component market. In 1994, AFC was officially established for manufacturing hi-tech fiber and functional fabric. In 2004, AFC operation were transformed into a joint-stock limited company.

Taoyuan, Taiwan

In 2002, AFC began to build the factory in Taoyuan City. In 2008, a second building over 320,000 sq. ft was constructed for conducting research, product manufacturing, and logistical management, including a 3,500 sq. ft. showroom for the AFC product line.

Kunshan office, China

In 2010, the Kunshan office was established. This office supports the China market by utilizing resources from Taiwan.

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Asiatic Fiber Corporation Asiatic Fiber Corporation Asiatic Fiber Corporation