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Our products were perfected by the experience of developing close to one hundred cleanroom implementations in the past decade. We used our experience to create a clean room door and pass through box product range that withstands extreme mechanical stress, yet is pleasing to the eye. KleanLabs systems fulfill all cleanroom requirements and they are user friendly, as they are easy to install and maintain.



What makes however these products truly unique is the outstandingly competitive prices we are able to maintain. We offer world leading quality much under the prices you might be familiar with. We believe cost efficiency should never result in opting for low quality.

All of our products are:

  • manufactured by an ISO9001 certified system
  • CE marked
  • EN ISO 14644 compliant
  • GMP compliant
  • designed and assembled in the European Union

Cleanroom pass through boxes

Safe and efficient solution for material flow in cleanrooms. A cleanroom pass box is a great tool to avoid contamination between cleanroom and non-cleanroom environments while transporting items in and out of the room. These boxes can be useful in laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical or light-industrial environments.

Cleanroom doors

Cleanroom compliant, system independent doors designed to meet all your needs. KleanLabs doors are the perfect addition to any cleanroom, as they are system independent and easy to mount. It is high-quality and yet is pleasing to the eye. We recommend our models specifically to be used in laboratory and cleanroom environments.