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The company was established in 1987 and is a high quality supplier of components for clean controlled environments. The product range has expanded over the years but the innovative designs are still very apparent, and are now used in many pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological organisations.


PBSC’s systems and cleanroom components have been specifically designed and developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical, bio-technical, medical, hospital, food processing, semi-conductor and many controlled environments in research and manufacturing fields.

Concept door and framework technology

Unique patented door and frame system incorporating many features to ensure suitability for clean and controlled environments. Door sets are available in standard widths and heights; however, the frame is manufactured specifically to suit a given wall thickness dimension. Gas sealed door sets are also available with inflatable seals eliminating the need for a floor threshold.

Emergency escape panels

The emergency escape panel provides a quick escape from a cleanroom environment. The unit is sealed and offers a flush easy cleanroom facility.

Viewing panels

The double glazed viewing panel provides a flush finish to the cleanroom facility and is available in a number of standard sizes. The outer flange provides a seal-to wall finish and is complete with radiused corners.

Transfer and trolley hatches

The transfer/trolley hatch provides a means of passing products ‘in and out’ of a cleanroom environment while maintaining correct air pressures by an innovative mechanical door interlocking system.

Air and decontamination showers

Air showers and decontamination showers are constructed to a modular design using PBSC standard cleanroom components. The decontamination shower provides total decontamination to the operator and to the internal surfaces of the shower.

Change room equipment and furniture

The change room furniture is constructed of phenolic resin, manufactured to suit the clients requirements. The units have no visible fixings and are easy to clean. Use the products menu on the left to view our full range of change room equipment and furniture. STERILIZATION PASS THROUGH CHAMBER The HPV Pass Thru Chamber is an integrated through the wall transfer device for material transfers between different classification rooms where either an air particulate clean up or material surface bio-sterilization is needed before transfer. MATERIAL AIR LOCK STERILIZATION CHAMBER PBSC sterilization chambers provide 'residue-free', safe and repeatable sterilisation of large equipment and sensitive electronics for the healthcare and life sciences sectors. They are ideally suited for installation on the barrier between sterile and non-sterile areas.