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Perfex is the pioneer of TruCLEAN® disinfection systems for cleanroom manufacturing industries. Our TruCLEAN products remain as the benchmark for critical cleaning environments.


Perfex Corporation is your trusted supplier of contamination control products with nearly 100 years of industry experience. Perfex is owned and managed by one family since 1924 and throughout history our focus has always been on quality, innovation, and customer care.

Perfex products can be found in diverse industries across the globe such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, bioengineering, medical device, and life sciences. As a world-leading manufacturer we have the resources and expertise to accommodate any customer with specialized cleaning equipment.

We keep our mopping supplies well stocked to ensure the safety of your workplace in emergency cleaning situations. Perfex representatives are readily available for on-site evaluations, product support, and technical advice. Our cultured team is trained to pinpoint the ideal products to exceed your sanitation goals.

Company Products:

  • Cleanroom Mopping Systems
  • Cleanroom Mops & Mop Covers  
  • Laboratory & Scientific Brushes  
  • Hygienic Brushware

Perfex Corporation

Innovative Cleaning Tools:

TruCLEAN® leads the industry with autoclave compatible mops and mopping systems built for ultra-high sanitation requirements. TruCLEAN products enable cleanroom operators to effectively mitigate risk while enhancing operational efficiency and controlling costs.

Designed for durability and compliance with todays pharmaceutical industry standards, TruCLEAN mopping systems are manufactured with high-grade stainless-steel components and temperature-resistant polypropylene buckets. Multiple configurations and colorways suited for large or small area cleanrooms of any grade, compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization. Capture and isolate contaminants to ensure the delivery of pure cleaning agents, no more dirty water or weakened solutions!

TruCLEAN® Sponge Mop is manufactured from specifically formulated polyurethane foam with excellent microbial resistance. Thick-bodied sponge protects delicate surfaces and conforms to uneven areas. TruCLEAN sponge is the ideal tool for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls, and ceilings in controlled environments.

TruCLEAN® Sterile - With decades of research and innovation we introduce our focused line of next-generation cleaning products including sponge mops and mop covers gamma sterilized and validated per AAMI Guidelines.

NEW Product Release:

TruCLEAN® Aluminum Mop Frame - Hybrid design made of lightweight aluminum and high-grade stainless steel. Swivel frame is accurately balanced to deliver total surface contact at any angle. Low-profile design is easy to maneuver over floors, walls, ceilings, and hard to reach areas such as corners or stairs.

At Perfex, we're always looking for ways to improve the essential cleaning tools you rely on every day. This passion keeps us constantly on the move, expanding, and advancing our products to meet your needs.