A world of possibilities with Shimadzu’s IR Pilot Analysis Assistant for the FTIR Spectroscopy


Identify, measure and expose contaminants with just the click of a button

IR Pilot is an exceptionally user-friendly analysis assistant programme, which allows for identification and contaminant analyses modes.

With convenience and simple operation in mind, for both novices and experts, IR Pilot offers a total of 23 pre-configured application programmes.

Sample measurements can be made with a few clicks of a button, simply select the analysis requirements; identify any accessory attached and the analysis can begin.

With no requirements to set parameters sample analysis is fast and easy.

Identification Test Programme

Data interpretation has also been made simpler with IR Pilot.

The Identification Test Programme can be set to assess samples based on various verification methods, including those described in Pharmacopoeia as well as Standards for Food Additives, with a simple pass/fail judgement.

The programme can also be used for acceptance and pre-shipment inspections by measuring and calculating the difference, comparing both peak wave numbers and peak intensity ratios between standard and test samples.

Contamination Analysis Programme

The Contaminant Analysis Programme is a simple method that uses Shimadzu’s proprietary identification algorithm in combination with a spectral library to identify contaminants.

Collected data is compared against more than 550 spectra of substances commonly identified as contaminants. After data analysis, it automatically makes a pass/fail judgment and creates a report.

Even if the contaminant is a mixture, all major and minor components are displayed and ranked accordingly. This is extremely beneficially to operators with minimal infrared analysis experience and makes samples analysis easy.

A world of possibilities with Shimadzu’s IR Pilot Analysis Assistant for the FTIR

Data integrity

With changes in ISO 17025 and the ongoing need for compliance with 21 CRF part 11, IRPilot has been designed to integrate with LabSolutions software meeting data integrity and ER/ES regulations.

IRSpirit - Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR)

IRPilot was built for the award winning IRSpirit, specifically designed with narrow spaces in mind, the IRSpirit has the smallest footprint of any FTIR.

This ergonomic, innovative instrument offers unrivalled functionality when compared to other compact systems and fantastic reliability for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The IRSpirit with IR Pilot has been specifically designed to optimise system operation, giving even analysts with minimal FTIR experience the ability to analyse samples confidently and accurately.

* Winner of the RedDot Award 2018 for outstanding designs.

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