Ansell Healthcare introduces second skin glove


The HyFlex 11-616 is an ultra-thin multi-purpose glove offering outstanding comfort, fit and sensitivity

Ansell Healthcare’s HyFlex 11-616 multi-purpose glove forms a second skin over hands, providing outstanding comfort, fit and sensitivity, while offering protection from abrasions.

The Belgian firm says the glove is suitable for small parts assembly, light fabrication, finishing works and packaging.

The 18-gauge knitting technology used for the HyFlex 11-616 glove results in an ultra-thin glove that is ideal for assembly tasks requiring a high degree of precision, the company says.

Ansell recommends the glove for handling and light assembly applications such as picking or fitting small pieces such as screws, bearings, fasteners or springs; white goods handling and production; fine assembly, repair, finishing works and packaging.

Even in very light assembly operations, wearing ultra-thin gloves helps to avoid minor punctures (from splinters and wires) and scrapes which may become infected and painful. The glove protects skin from the formation of blisters and even from the drying effects of wood dust or glue.

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