Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface in stainless steel housing for cleanrooms

Published: 21-Oct-2020

Systec & Solutions offers two cleanroom-compliant IP65 stainless steel housings that are equipped with a seamlessly integrated Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple iPad Pro. The company which specialises in GMP IT hardware, developed new features for both housing versions and made improvements to make them even more suitable for demanding cleanroom and GMP environments

Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface for cleanrooms

The Surface is available in 12.3 inches and the iPad in 11 inch. Both have a multi-touch display, which is additionally secured with an extra protective glass and can be operated with standard cleanroom gloves.

With a fully enclosed, stainless steel housing and the protective glass, the tablets are designed for a great deal of cleaning cycles. Thanks to the smooth surface, they can be thoroughly and safely cleaned with almost all standard detergents and disinfectants in no time at all.

The housing's special design has no dead zones. An on/off button and volume buttons are located on the front of the unit and conform to IP65. The external buttons on the Microsoft Surface enable secure sign-in (Ctrl + Alt + Del), even without a keyboard.

Cleanroom-compliant charging and data transmission

The openings of plug contacts such as USB or power connections in particular are usually a non-cleanable weak point, since sensitive technology is small and difficult to access and it must not get wet.

By developing the new CLEANROOM CONNECTORS, Systec & Solutions has developed the perfect solution for cleanrooms. The CLEANROOM CONNECTOR is an IP65 charging contact that is flush with the stainless steel housing. It can be cleaned easily and thoroughly using spray or wiper disinfection. A special USB-C-compatible connection cable is magnetically docked and held in place for charging.

If necessary, the CLEANROOM CONNECTOR can also be used as a USB-A socket to transfer data via a data cable. This allows for a USB stick, Ethernet adapter, or another suitable device to be used. The CLEANROOM CONNECTOR is currently available for the Microsoft Surface Pro and will be available shortly for the Apple iPad Pro.

Ergonomic use of the stainless steel tablet

The stainless steel housing for the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Apple iPad Pro can be optionally equipped with a handle. In addition, it is also possible to select a holder that enables installation on a bench or mounting on the wall.

The standardised Vesa hole pattern (75x75 mm) enables the holder to be attached to standard support arm systems. Thanks to the flexible design of the holder it enables the tablet to be attached as required with a screen inclination of approx. 30° or approx. 60°.

Once the tablet has been inserted and secured using the clamp, the user can operate it safely without it slipping, and it can be charged if necessary.

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