Armitage Shanks


Armitage Shanks have long been the leaders in Hospital Sanitaryware, providing expert advice and specification planning to ensure hospitals meet the guidelines laid down by healthcare regulations.

Armitage Shanks, the leading British commercial bathroom, sanitaryware and washroom installations provider, has been working in partnership with leading scientists and specialists to develop two new innovative healthcare solutions, helping the fight against infection in hospitals.

The new Markwik 21+ fittings and Contour 21+ clinical ceramics ranges have been developed in response to the evolving threats in hospitals and significantly push forward hygiene innovation and bacterial prevention. The range provides a complete solution, helping to reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow throughout hospitals.

Manufacturer Armitage Shanks, marks its two hundred year anniversary this year.

Founded in 1817, the company emerged during a time when the lack of sanitation was so bad in the UK that life expectancy was only 40 years. As a leader in the sanitation industry, the business has come a long way since then, with highlights including:

  • Being the first business to connect water closets to sewer systems, rapidly improving public sanitation
  • Building the first factory dedicated entirely to sanitaryware in 1851 in Armitage, Staffordshire
  • Generating influence that spread across the globe; by the 1890s, the business had offices in Australia, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Warsaw and Brussels
  • Supplying sanitaryware to iconic ships, such as Titanic and the Queen Mary
  • Adapting products and creating a virtuous glaze that made products more hygienic and durable. By the 1950s, all of its domestic products were made using virtuous glazes
  • Creating the original – and ironically ironic – avocado bath

And with 200 years of success behind it, Armitage Shanks has plenty of expertise to keep on innovating, ensuring it retains its place as the market leading sanitary ware provider in the commercial bathroom sector and healthcare bathroom sector.

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While Armitage Shanks may be the last remaining large scale British manufacturer, it certainly isn’t a business stuck in the past. The brand looks forward, working with leading industry professionals, ensuring innovative products are brought to the market meeting the most up to date guidelines and regulations.