Asian space programme contracts South African company


Satellite subsystems and components provider NewSpace Systems work with ESA accredited technicians

Photo as seen on company website

An Asian national space agency has chosen South Africa-based NewSpace Systems to supply the majority of its core satellite components. Africa News reported that the manufacturer of satellite subsystems and components won the bid to provide five of six components for the country’s national programme.

“Without giving too much away, we’re excited to announce that as of this month, the NewSpace Systems (NSS) team will be supporting yet another space agency in achieving their national satellite strategy,” said the company in its latest newsletter.

The company has already supplied satellites to 11 national space agencies across five continents. “Being that this is happening as a result of a competitive tender, this highlights the competitiveness of NewSpace in the international market,” the company stated.

NewSpace Systems has ISO 14644-1 certified cleanrooms for manufacturing of satellite subsystems and components, operated by ESA accredited technicians. The company also uses ESA-approved flight materials and the rigorous ECSS manufacturing standards.

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The company was established as a result of a joint venture between South African company SCS Aerospace Group and the Dutch SSBV Group in 2013. Since that time, the company has made great strides in the area of attitude control solutions for small satellites. For example, nSight-1, a commercial private nanosatellite developed in South Africa, which was assembled in the company’s cleanroom in South Africa.


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