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Camfil is set to host a series of webinars based around the needs of air filtration in controlled environments, the first of which will take place 10am BST on 21 April

The company has announced a set of webinars focused on exploring the needs of air filtration in controlled environments.

Webinar 1: HEPA filtration – the changing industry trends, key advances and associated costs

In controlled environments and cleanroom facilities, HEPA filters are a key component to ensuring operational cleanliness. HEPA filters are used for many different applications, the most well known sources are in the supply air for your controlled environment and exhaust air applications, but did you know HEPA filters are used in your machine processes from aseptic filling lines, sterilisation tunnels as well as LAF benches and other clean environments?

Choosing the right HEPA filter for your application can be a complicated process where you need to ask yourself: “What do the Industry standards say?”, “What type of HEPA filter will suit my application?” and “What is the total operational cost of this HEPA filter?”

On the 21 April, Camfil will conduct a webinar based around HEPA filtration – the changing trends, key advances and associated costs. In this webinar Camfil experts will cover topics which include:

1) The evolution of HEPA filtration

2) The change in HEPA filtration technologies

3) HEPA filter Testing standards

4) The key challenges with HEPA filtration

5) The Total Cost of Ownership approach to HEPA filtration

The live webinar will take place at 10am BST on 21 April. Register today to learn more about HEPA filtration and to ask Industry experts any questions you may have about the HEPA filters used on your facility.

If you cannot attend this webinar the recorded version will be available to all registrants after the webinar. A recorded version will also be available in multiple language options released shortly after the Live webinar in English.

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