BioClean-C Chemo Safety Wear Range now compliant with PPE Directive

Effective immediately, with changes to packaging and garment labels being phased in

Nitritex has announced that the BioClean-C Chemo Safety Wear Range has gone through the registration formalities and is fully compliant with the European PPE Directive. The products covered are:

  • BioClean-C Apron - BCDA (non-sterile) and S-BDCA (sterile)
  • BioClean-C Apron with sleeves - BCAS (non-sterile) and S-BCAS (sterile)
  • BioClean-C Sleeve covers - BCSC (non-sterile) and S-BCSC (sterile)
  • We have an Article 10 certificate for the BioClean-C range issued by our Notified Body, CENTEXBEL (copy available on request) and can now CE mark the range. Please note that the garments have not changed; they are still manufactured at the same facility, using the same manufacturing processes, materials and designs. The only change is to the wording on the labelling.

    We are in the process of updating the packaging artworks and garment labels for all new production of the BioClean-C range, so although we are now compliant, there will be a short period of time until the new printed artwork becomes available. Consequently, you may still receive the old packaging and labelling during the changeover period.

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