Brecon and Muller Afbouw Groep merge to form SRBA Group

Published: 3-Feb-2023

After six years of collaboration, controlled environment experts Brecon and Muller have agreed to merge into one new organisation

Brecon and Muller Afbouw Groep have merged as of 1 February 2023, under the new name SRBA Group.

The abbreviation of the new company stands for Smart Reliable Building Achievements. And that touches exactly the core of the new organisation that wants to grow the total turnover of 70 million euros to 100 million euros in 2025.

The bundling of all activities in the SRBA Group creates a powerful company in the field of total concepts for offices, laboratories and other controlled environment facilities. The new company's mission is to be an exemplary company at a European level before 2030 with innovative products, processes and services for the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable and safe facilities for living or working.

Brecon and Muller Afbouw Groep have worked together successfully over the past six years. The many controlled environment projects (cleanrooms) were the connecting factor in this. The shareholders involved have joined forces with an equal share ratio as of 1 February 2023 and will continue together in the new company SRBA Group BV.

Building the spaces for the world of tomorrow

SRBA employs a team of 150 employees and a flexible shell of 600 technicians. The organisation works from different divisions towards one common goal: creating innovative and impactful spaces in which people shape the world of tomorrow.

In a time and market in which innovative and sustainable developments in construction and finishing are necessary, shareholders expect to be able to strengthen and expand the market position of the various activities by combining knowledge and experience.

Acquisition of strategically suitable companies in the near future is certainly also on the agenda.

The head office of SRBA Group BV is located in Eindhoven and has the following divisions:

  • SRBA Controlled Environment BV formerly Brecon. This bundles all international construction activities in the field of laboratories and cleanrooms. The office is located in Tilburg.
  • SRBA Construction BV formerly Muller Complete Afbouw. Strong in development, delivery and installation of complete finishing systems for walls, ceilings and floors, including fire protection and acoustics services for the utility and residential construction sector in the Benelux. Active from Eindhoven and Kinrooi in Belgium.
  • SRBA Modules BV formerly Helmond Hout. From the production location in Helmond, modular prefab solutions are developed and produced for innovative wall and ceiling systems for the non-residential and residential sectors.
  • SRBA Interior BV formerly SRI and Dengo. With production locations in Eindhoven and Oosterwolde, this division specialises in the development, production and assembly of cleanroom and laboratory interiors and interior panelling for the retail, industrial and utility sectors.
  • SRBA Maintenance BV This division is located in Eindhoven and focuses on the implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance as well as renovation work on structural and fire-preventive components within the industrial and utility sector.

Little will change for the enormously broad spectrum of business clients who have worked with the parties involved in recent decades. As always, they can count on a customer-oriented policy with the creation of added value for all stakeholders involved, at an economic, social and ecological level.

General info

The management of SRBA Group BV consists of:

  • Chayenne Muller, General Manager with Sales and Marketing responsibility
  • Wim van Ree, Financial Director with strategy and acquisition in his duties
  • Frank Moelands, Technical Director responsible for product development and implementation
  • Jef Ponsen, Technical Director SRBA Belgium
  • Former board members Freddie Muller and Geerd Jansen will continue to be associated with the SRBA organisation in the coming years as advisors to the management team.

The start of activities under the new name and introduction of the new organisation with the new logo and the associated website will be effected in mid-February 2023.

Who are Brecon and Muller?

Brecon: Brecon is located in Tilburg and has been active for 30 years in the design and realisation of Controlled Environment (CE) facilities, mostly cleanrooms and laboratories. These activities have long been specifically aimed at the semi-conductor sector in the Veldhoven region. Since the past decade, the various wall and ceiling systems developed by Brecon can also be found in the pharmaceutical, food and medical-device (GMP related) market segments. In 2014, Brecon was the initiator of the establishment of the PP4CE alliance, a well-known (inter)national partnership of 12 Professional Partners who jointly realise turnkey CE projects. The list of reference works, which have often been realised together with Kuijpers PHF and other PP4CE partners, can be called impressive.

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Muller Afbouw Groep BV: Muller Afbouw Groep BV (MAG) is one of the largest and best-known Dutch finishers in residential and non-residential construction within the Benelux. With the two executive companies responsible for the realisation of large and complex projects, active daily in Belgium and the Netherlands with approximately 500 to 600 technicians, we can call ourselves the market leader in dry finishing on the Benelux market.

MAG also has within its ranks a kitchen production company, a production company for complete furnishing projects, a production company for prefab finishing parts, a wallpaper company as well as a specific company active in the advice and implementation of fire-resistant and acoustic building components. These subsidiaries are located throughout the country. For eight years now, a specific part of the MAG group has also been very active in the Veldhoven region with the realisation of complex and large cleanroom projects within the semiconductor sector.

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