Bright Path Laboratories selects TrackWise Digital QMS


Bright Path Laboratories has selected TrackWise Digital QMS and to Integrate Quality Management and Manufacturing Operations

Bright Path Laboratories selects TrackWise Digital QMS

Sparta Systems, provider of Quality Management System (QMS) platforms TrackWise and TrackWise Digital, has announced that Bright Path Laboratories, a leader in continuous-flow reactor technology, has selected TrackWise Digital as their QMS of the future.

Bright Path Labs will implement TrackWise Digital's platform for end-to-end quality management, document management and training management.

Bright Path Labs will also leverage the strategic partnership between Sparta and Quartic, and the combined capabilities of TrackWise Digital and the Quartic AI and IoT Platform to gain tighter data integration between manufacturing operations and quality management. Sparta Systems, and Bright Path Labs share a vision of connecting real-time manufacturing data and quality decisions. Through the Sparta-Quartic partnership, solutions for product review by exception, real-time deviation identification, and other quality system improvements are being developed for Bright Path Labs and the broader life sciences industry.

Unlike traditional batch manufacturing techniques used in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production, BPL's scalable continuous manufacturing technology is designed to allow for clinical to commercial production of APIs at scale and at a lower cost.

"We can deploy our AI-QMS-enabled continuous flow reactors wherever they are needed with built-in confidence of high quality, an approach that won us praise from the FDA Emerging Technology Team. In addition to our core mission of making rare, orphan, and children's medicines, we have also been able to pivot and respond at-scale to help address the wide-spread drug shortages created by the Covid-19 crisis," said Tony Quinones, CEO of Bright Path Labs.

"The pioneering technology that Bright Path has developed to solve rare and orphan drug access problems is so critically needed," said Dana Jones, CEO of Sparta Systems. "Sparta is proud to play a role in helping customers like Bright Path further their mission of making these medicines available while optimizing quality and patient safety. As the first in the industry to introduce purpose-built AI capabilities for quality management, Sparta's partnership with Quartic provides closer connections between the shop floor and quality teams to help our customers make faster, real-time decisions and support innovations in continuous manufacturing."

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"Innovative companies like Bright Path Laboratories are entering the pharma industry with AI/ML at the forefront of their technology and business models. Together with Sparta, we are able to go to the next level by creating AI-enabled continuous manufacturing that will also be integrated into the QMS," added's CEO, Rajiv Anand.