C-Tick approval for HPV ‘superbug busting’ technology

Bioquell gains assurance that technology reaches appropriate standards in Australia and New Zealand

The latest generation hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination technology from UK firm Bioquell has now achieved Australian C-Tick approval. Targeted at the life science and healthcare markets, this bio-decontamination methodology is used to eradicate microbes from the environment including hospital ‘superbugs’.

The C-Tick mark provides assurance that products have been tested to the appropriate standards for conformity to the EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) and Radio Telecommunications standards by a registered testing laboratory. Product compliance is regulated and managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Through a mutual agreement, the C-Tick mark is also recognised in New Zealand.

Bioquell, a hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) environmental bio-decontamination specialist, worked closely with Capella Science, its authorised agent in Australia, to ensure the C-Tick mark was achieved for a wide range of its products, including the Bioquell Q-10 and Bioquell Z-2 HPV suites. These systems are suitable for treating small rooms and larger areas such as bays, side wards and pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Part of Bioquell’s HPV range can also be connected to isolators and incorporated into pharmaceutical production lines where bio-decontamination in situ is required.

Bioquell’s HPV technology works in three key ways to destroy a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi: it attack cell walls, destroys cell contents and damages the genetic material.

Commenting on the new standard, Paul Doyle, managing director of Capella Science, said: “Being able to bring this advanced bio-decontamination into Australia and New Zealand is seriously going to help our pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. Alongside a large library of peer-reviewed scientific evidence, the C-Tick mark will provide additional assurance to our customers that this new technology is both safe and effective at eradicating environmental biological contamination.”

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