CENTILLION joined forces with INFOTECH AG to implement automation in production


CENTILLION joined forces with INFOTECH AG once more to implement an outstanding piece of automation in production area

CENTILLION's latest Robot is a multifunctional, agile, cutting-edge technology that can perform a wide variety of manufacturing and control operations.

Thanks to its precise Pick and Place with multiple nozzle, it achieves less than 10um placement precision. Through the Jet dispensing with non-magnetic valve, it can dispense from short distance into the interference of magnetic fields.

Via a robust peeling knife, peeling tapes and foils can be separated and the automatic flipping ensures any double-sided Assembly. The robot measures the magnetic polarity and thus controls and prevents wrong polarity Assembly. In addition, there is also a sensor to measure the pressure force, and, in every moment, CENTILLION has control over the placement force from 0 to 60N.

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The company's new investment has an advanced vision system, capable of recognising patterns, while monitoring and guiding the Assembly process. With such a high-level automation CENTILLION improves its capacity for the process more than 3-fold and is able to produce more, with even better quality, monitoring and traceability of the process.