CPhI Annual Report: Take part in pharma’s largest reputation survey

Published: 6-Sep-2019

Insights from professionals and supplier companies will form the third survey of the major trends, changes and developments in the industry

The global pharmaceutical landscape is evolving at an extraordinary pace as manufacturing capabilities, drug development technologies, and regulation advances creating new ways of innovating drugs and better serving patients.

CPhI Worldwide is using its unrivalled access to pharmaceutical professionals and supplier companies to produce its third annual global survey of the major trends, changes and developments in the industry.

An invaluable research, the CPhI Annual Report will rank the relative reputations of the major pharma economies — from China and India to the USA, Japan, and Europe — creating pharma league tables across areas such as API production; finished dosage formulations; biologics; growth potential; innovation; regulatory acumen; and drug delivery technology among others.

Covering small molecule, biologics and drug delivery and packaging, the insights provided are integral to building a global picture of the state and strength of the international pharma industry.

Investment decisions and supply-side arrangements can often hinge on this unspoken influence, particularly when working with new partners.

The report provides the industry with an in-depth, holistic analysis that will help you make better-informed decisions and meet the evolving pharma business landscape.

The results of this survey are completely anonymous and will be available on the CPhI Annual Report webpage.

Please complete the survey today.

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