Clean System PCR-MS sealing system

The PCR-MS sealing element is made from a controlled material and is suitable for use in clean and sterile environment classified under the ISO 14644-1 and GMP standard

The PCR-MS sealing system for penetrations is a fast and easy provision of in situ airtightness, waterproofing, and sound reduction for pipe penetration points. It is recommended and useful for sealing pipe systems penetrating concrete walls, so-called sandwich panels, sheet metal, laboratory devices, and machines. Installation is simple and fast without additional elements or specificities and without the use of special tools.

The PCR-MS material for penetrations with a mono seal is composed of two metal elements and a sealing part. The PCR-MS sealing element is made from a controlled material and is suitable for use in clean and sterile environment classified under the ISO 14644-1 and GMP standard.

The metal part of the PCR-MS system is made of quality acid-resistant stainless steel, suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries in the most demanding systems, and is resistant to all external influences.

The second part of the assembled PCR-MS sealing element is the mono seal, the specification of which is jointly decided on by the user and manufacturer according to the product’s purpose, function, and the position of the installed sealing element. The shape of the sealing part of the element is designed to provide the best sealing and the best fit to the pipe system. The design of the seal also allows for vibrations and deviations without any impact on the basic sealing function of the PCR-MS sealing element. The proper assembly of the PCR-MS sealing element on the pipe section and in the place of penetration provides high-quality sealing, damping of sounds and vibrations from the pipe system to the surface or the other way around. The seal’s tight fit ensures the quality of the sealing in all positions.

Pressure sealing ensures up to p 0.3 bar of pressure difference between environments of penetration. The PCR-MS sealing element is standard according to the pipe system diameter and is therefore manufactured according to the size of the pipe system in penetration. The sealing element is fitted exactly to the diameter of the pipe system. The seal is specially designed for any pipe system size. The exact fit of the PCR-MS sealing element to the pipe system ensures high-quality sealing. The position and assembly of the penetration is not restricted by orientation; therefore the element can be used to seal penetrations through walls, ceilings, or floors. The PCR-MS sealing element is designed to optimally fit the pipe system in the given conditions and therefore ensure the best possible sealing in the given conditions.

For affixing the PCR-MS sealing element the company recommends the use of silicone sealant or equivalent adhesive sealant suitable for use in controlled spaces, which enables the attachment of the PCR-MS sealing element to the surface of the point of penetration. Clean System recommends adhesion to the wall of the penetration with an adhesive sealant of the quality which is the standard in the given space and with the prescribed requirements of quality and adhesion. By using an appropriate adhesive, optimal installation of the element can be achieved, as well as impermeability to water, dust, insects, and bugs. The cleaning and maintenance of PCR-MS elements is simple and does not require special products or tools. Because the element does not have large surfaces that could potentially collect dust or dirt and that cannot be reached for cleaning, maintaining cleanliness is the same as for other parts in the space without any particularities. The visible surface of the element can be cleaned with the use of cleaning products and disinfectants.

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