Creotech builds ISO 7 cleanroom

Poland's aerospace company has designed and built a facility to integrate satellites weighing up to 150 kg

Creotech's ISO 7 cleanroom designed and built in-house

Creotech Instruments in Poland has announced the completion of a manufacturing space at its headquarters in Piaseczno. The project, developed entirely in-house, saw the construction of a 140 sq m facility featuring a 61 sq m cleanroom certified to ISO 7 (Class 10,000) and additional hi-tech infrastructure.

Creotech Instruments (CTI) specialises in design and assembly of high- reliability electronics for the aerospace market. It has been operating since 2012 as a joint-stock company and has participated in several space projects including the search for traces of life on Mars, the study of flashes of gamma rays in the high layers of the Earth's atmosphere and the so-called 'Cosmic trash' circulating around our planet, to name but a few.

CTI also specialises in the manufacture and supply of components and specific equipment for research institutions such as The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research and the DESY Research Center in Germany. The company is consistently developing its own microsatellite platform HyperSat.

Hi-tech cleanroom

Boasting an in-house design, the new ISO 7 cleanroom has been equipped to enable assembly and testing of individual elements of space electronics, as well as the implementation of full integration of micro class satellites weighing up to 150 kg.

The facility features additional rooms for cleaning electronic and mechanical elements

The facility features additional rooms for cleaning electronic and mechanical elements and for creating satellites thermal isolation.

Creotech's Marcin Stolarski explains: "Our goal was to create an infrastructure that will allow us to work on satellites integration without unnecessary tie-ups resulting from the introduction of elements into the cleanroom."

A team of six specialists can work in the cleanroom at the same time. The project also saw the construction of four workstations adjacent to the cleanroom.

Aerospace market

Creotech management has been consistently striving to position itself in the aerospace market as a leading satellite integrator specialist.

As a satellite integrator, the company is entrusted with the whole process of building a satellite unit, including the intricate processes of assembling all crucial elements, modules and subsystems that make up a ready-made satellite.

"It is not possible to repair satellites in orbit. That is why it is so important that equipment sent to space is reliable," commented Jacek Kosiec, director of the space programme.

Kosiec continued: "Both the process of creating individual elements of the satellite and sending the product into space generate huge costs, therefore satellite integrators are required to meet high standards in the area of production processes, certification of specialists and infrastructure parameters. We consistently focus on these competencies."

The newly built cleanroom will be used for cable bundles and thermal insulation for satellites. The integration and testing of electronics and mechanical subsystems of the recently designed satellite platform HyperSat are also planned to take place at Creotech.

Creotech also plans to include the integration and testing of subsystems as well as entire satellites of other satellite platforms.

Creotech's cleanroom is equipped with cutting-edge test devices, and the company has plans to strengthen the infrastructure to cope with market demand.