DuPont launches wet scrubbing plume suppression solution


New Sennuba technology has been designed to recover otherwise lost heat to generate the necessary steam to suppress the visible plume

Image as seen on company website

Image as seen on company website

DuPont Clean Technologies, the supplier of scrubbing and other environmental technologies, has introduced a new, advanced steam plume suppression solution for its MECS DynaWave scrubbers in SRU (sulfur recovery units) applications.

Called Sennuba plume suppression technology, it employs two heat exchangers and a heat transfer medium to heat stack gas from the wet scrubbers that are used to remove pollutants from flue gases, with steam produced with the heat of the gas at the inlet of those scrubbers.

This solution avoids the high operating costs associated with other methods of steam plume control, as it recovers otherwise lost heat from the process to generate the necessary steam to suppress the visible plume.

Sennuba has been designed with a heat transfer medium so there is no chance of leakage of the process gas directly to the stack gas. In this design, there is no forced circulation of the heat transfer medium.

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“Our aim was to develop a solution that would offer the refining industry a cost effective, simple to operate and low maintenance plume suppression technology for its SRU scrubbers,” said Yves Herssens, Global Licensing Manager – Scrubbing Technologies, DuPont Clean Technologies. “Sennuba offers reliable plume suppression and corrosion control in a scrubbing system that is at minimal risk of plugging.”

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