Dycem offers contamination control floating floor system


Suitable for smooth, rough and uneven floor surfaces

Dycem has launched a new contamination control floating floor system, which offers facilities 99.9% decontamination on a range of subfloors.

Developed for a variety of smooth, rough and uneven floor surfaces, the system is an alternative to Dycem’s fixed and permanent systems, providing a solution for locations where long-term adhesion to the subfloor is not possible.

Dycem polymeric flooring is installed onto a 1.2mm thick isolator membrane, providing a loose laid product option, which can be self-installed in minutes, eliminating the need for any lengthy or disruptive installations.

The floating floor system is also suitable for facilities where users wish to conduct Dycem trials or where a temporary contamination control solution is required. The floating floor system is fully audit compliant, effective in removing 99.9% of foot and wheel contamination and up to 75% of airborne contamination, the firm says.

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The new system can be used at all entrances to critical areas to prevent the ingress of microbial contamination, all exits to reduce the risk of cross infection and inside critical areas to reduce airborne microbes. It can also be used in corridors to prevent cross contamination, and inside airlocks, gowning rooms, warehouses and product transfer rooms.