EAU Technologies completes approval process for CIP


Empowered Water used in CIP trial with leading beverage manufacturer

EAU Technologies, a provider of electrolysed water for high-volume, business-to-business applications, recently completed a trial with a leading international beverage bottling company enabling the approval of the use of electrolysed water technology as a sanitation process for CIP (Clean-in-Place) applications.

EAU’s electrolysed water technology, marketed as Empowered Water, is an effective, environmentally-friendly solution for CIP applications for industrial use, such as those used in the food industry to clean stationary equipment during a product changeover and system start-up.

EAU began the extensive trial last autumn with the goal of demonstrating that an ambient temperature solution, EAU’s Empowered Water, is an effective sanitation process for CIP applications. As part of the test, Empowered Water was used to clean and sanitise filling equipment and in product changeover applications.

The rigorous and methodical testing included verification of cleaning efficacy, effectiveness for eliminating taste carry-over, environmental safety, as well as financial benefits with regards to improved CIP times and potential water and energy savings.

The cleaning water is created by combining salt and potable water with an electrical charge. EAU generators create two streams of Empowered Water: Primacide B is an effective cleaning fluid used as a replacement for caustic surfactants and cleaners; Primacide C is stabilised, non-toxic, acidic water effective at killing pathogens during the sanitation process. The active ingredient in Primacide C is hypochlorous acid, one of the chemicals that the human body creates to fight off sickness.

The results of the trial showed that Empowered Water was able to maintain, and in some cases improve, current cleaning and sanitising efficacy, minimising the use of commercial chemicals while complying with microbiological integrity and sensory testing requirements. Testing also identified water and energy consumption savings and time-savings that reduced bottling production line downtime.

“We strongly believe that EAU’s non-toxic, ambient temperature Empowered Water can effectively replace the current CIP process, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and large quantities of hot water,” said Wade Bradley, ceo of EAU Technologies.

The trials have confirmed the company’s belief that Empowered Water has excellent antimicrobial efficacy, creating a cleaner, safer work environment, while identifying cost savings through lower water usage, reduced energy costs and time savings.

With the efficacy testing completed, EAU Technologies is now exploring opportunities to utilise its electrolysed water technology within the CIP arena.

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The company received its first purchase orders from an international beverage company back in August and is installing the CIP Systems at three of its bottling plants.