E for Essential

E range autoclaves from Astell offer a small price tag and a small footprint

Astell, an autoclave manufacturer based in Kent, UK, has launched the E range autoclave for microbiology laboratories, which provides sterilisation of glassware, culture media, discard and similar items.

Available in three standard sizes – 125, 216 and 360 litres – the E range features a manual temperature-interlocked sliding door, over-temperature protection, media holdwarm, delayed start and assisted air cooling. Vacuum is also available for more demanding applications.

E range autoclaves are small and inexpensive

Astell says these autoclaves combine a small price tag with a small footprint; all models feature square chambers to ensure that load capacity is maximised.

In common with all Astell autoclaves, the E models are compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive (EN/97/23/EC) and the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EC & 2007/47/EC)

The autoclaves are controlled by Astell’s Logi controller operator interface, which includes a 5.7in full-colour, wipe clean, touchscreen with five password levels for total security. The industrial PLC controller runs icon-driven software developed by Astell's in-house design team. Individual analogue displays allow parameters such as temperature and pressure to be monitored constantly. The Logi controller features continuous data archiving for full traceability. An optional RS232 interface allows connection to other peripheral devices.