EarthSafe unveils cleaner and disinfectant for tacking biofilms

The multipurpose products is EPA registered as effective against bacteria in biofilm

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives has launched PUR:ONE, a universal cleaner/disinfectant. The EvaClean Infection Prevention System by EarthSafe aims to fill the need for an end-to-end sanitation solution while eliminating the need for multiple chemicals. EvaClean is an EarthSafe company.

The EarthSafe mission statement reads: "Designing a future where applying the technologies of tomorrow protects the public health beyond the limits of the tools today. Simply put - Time is the cleaning industry's number one limiting factor for successful infection prevention. This challenge has been the driver for all EarthSafe product innovations since day one."

They began by developing the EvaClean Infection Prevention System, which leverages advanced electrostatic sprayer technologies to cover three-times the area in 80% less time, a "drop and go" sanitising/disinfection chemistry, and simplified, scalable processes for higher-level compliance and maximum output. Still, a critical gap remained in daily cleaning and floor disinfection strategies.

"EvaClean is 100% infection prevention-focused," said Jeremiah Gray, COO/Co-Founder of EarthSafe. "We're also about innovation with a purpose, which means we take a practical approach to developing new ways to elevate cleaning efficacy and efficiency."

Enter PUR:ONE - A one-step cleaning and disinfection solution for high touch surfaces and floors, and the new front-end component of the all-encompassing EvaClean System. But, PUR:ONE does much more than fill a necessary gap in environmental hygiene. It's the first single-step cleaner and disinfectant to receive EPA registration as effective against bacteria in biofilm, and is on K-List of approved products for use in cases of Candida auris, plus other emerging pathogen threats, which are vital concerns in healthcare. While PUR:ONE is powerful enough to kill C. diff in 4 minutes, this broad-spectrum chemistry also works for daily cleaning and floor disinfection, the latter typically lacking in most cleaning protocols. With a top NFPA rating of triple zero, it's also safer for personnel, patrons and patients, and the only sporicidal disinfectant that won't damage equipment or floor finishes.

PUR:ONE works with existing microfibre cleaning programmes, as well as dry wipes and spray bottles

Like EvaClean's PURTABS sanitiser and disinfectant, PUR:ONE is a NaDCC pre-measured tablet concentrate that is sustainable, stable and economical. Because EvaClean's entire programme is standardised around a single chemistry solution, it streamlines cleaning processes from beginning to end, reduces potential failure points due to human error, eradicates chemical hazards and exposure, increases worker safety, and ensures a higher level of compliance.

The difference is in the application method. PURTABS are designed for use with EvaClean's Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers, while PUR:ONE works with existing microfibre cleaning programmes, as well as dry wipes and spray bottles. It can also be mixed on the go at a workstation cart, the ideal single dosing solution for floor disinfection using disposable or launderable microfiber mop heads. When combined with EvaClean's best practice guidelines and training for optimal implementation efficiency, it creates a synergistic system that will enhance cleaning protocols from A to Z.

Flavia Da Silva-Benson, SVP Operations/General Counsel for EarthSafe said: "We're not changing the way things are done, just simplifying the process by replacing multiple chemicals with an all-in-one sporicidal cleaner and disinfectant that's more potent, yet safer for people and surfaces."

The measurable efficacy and improved outcome of this systematic approach are confirmed by a new EvaClean Environmental Monitoring Program, an evidence-based third-party validation of cleaning processes and surface disinfection. EvaClean's credibility is further reinforced by its recent recognition from The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS) as a 2019 Top Innovation of the Year. However, the truest form of authentication are the hospitals, schools, businesses and buildings who trust EvaClean to protect the health and welfare of everyone therein.

Ultimately, it's all about time–improving labour efficiency and empowering workers with the ability to clean more surfaces in less time will prevent outbreaks, stop the spread of infections and effectively solve the cleaning industry's top challenge–just in the nick of time.