Editor's comment: robots are welcome

Automation, perhaps the most sought-after tool in today’s Industry 4.0 era, is finally gaining traction in cleanrooms

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Putting together the July issue has been an eye-opener. As usual, this edition looks at hi-tech manufacturing processes outside the (bio)pharma industry and on this occasion, we go on a journey to the semiconductor, aerospace and 3D printing markets to find out what it takes to keep undesired particles at bay. Surprisingly, it is not just about having fully gowned personnel in ultra-clean facilities, but the innovative use of technology and the correct mindset that makes it possible.

We have asked a simple question: what does it take to prevent contamination in your business? The answer can be found in our latest issue.


Sterility testing
The process to ensure products and devices are free of contamination

Laboratory incubator
New isolator technology developed by Comecer to produce advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)

Containment for complex processes
Design considerations for containment equipment to meet both regulation and production needs

Satellite production
Step inside Airbus cleanroom in Portsmouth where the payload for the Eutelsat Quantum is assembled and tested

Welcome robots
Nigel Smith, TM Robotics, argues the case for cleanroom robots to eliminate contamination risks

Claire MacLean, SP Technology: “Cobots have good appealto cleanrooms”

Building materials
Antimicrobial technology applied to construction materials

3D printing
Contamination control in additive manufacturing