EpMotion system offers benefit to cell biologists

Cell biologists are set to benefit from the launch of The epMotion 5070 CB automated liquid handling system from Eppendorf AG.

Designed to fit inside a laminar flow hood, the system offers enhanced safety and fewer pipetting errors, which help to increase the statistical significance of cell culture experiments through the use of higher density formats.

Cell culture liquid handling is usually tedious and time consuming, typically limiting the sample numbers. However, the epMotion 5070 CB offers hands-free automated pipetting for procedures such as media change, cell seed out and cytotox assays. The system fits into laminar flow hoods from major vendors such as NuAir, Thermo and Baker and operates once the hood’s front door is closed. The epMotion 5070 CB can be used for experiments using hazardous materials inside a fume hood.

According to Holger Eggert, Eppendorf epMotion product manager, ‘The new epMotion 5070 CB enables automation of pipetting for cell culture without the need for complex and expensive robotic systems – meeting the needs of laboratories engaged in cell biology, cancer research, virus research, pharma studies, ADME/Tox and assay development. This is a significant advance, which saves time and affords protection from infectious materials or hazardous liquids. In addition, researchers can move from small sample numbers up to 96 or 384-well plates, thereby generating data with greater statistical significance.

epMotion 5070 CB will be launched by Eppendorf at Analytica: 1-4 April 2008, New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Area B1, Booth 305/404.

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