Excluding bacterial spores from aseptic compounding 

A TSB prototype during the development of a new triple-wrapped prepared media product

Cherwell Laboratories has recently supported the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Pharmacy Unit in London, UK, in developing a new triple-wrapped prepared media product required to ensure the exclusion of bacterial spores during aseptic compounding validation.

This has, in turn, increased workflow efficiency within the unit by reducing false compounder system failures, as well as disinfection steps and use of toxic sporicidal sprays.

Following the collaboration, GOSH and Cherwell have jointly published a white paper and scientific poster detailing the development of the new multilayer packaging of bacteriological medium to prevent spore contamination prior to compounder validation.


The paper and poster include:

  • Media fill simulation failures found to be unrelated to operator competency
  • Identifying the cause of media fill simulation failures
  • Measures to correct and prevent contamination (CAPA)
  • Development of prototype sterile wrapped TSB bottles
  • Results of multilayer packaging assessment

The poster and paper have been developed in collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

To download a copy visit the Cherwell website

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