G-CON Manufacturing updates its identity


The modular construction specialist has launched its new tagline, 'BUILDING FOR LIFE' and completed a pharmaceutical manufacturing project

G-CON Manufacturing has launched its new tagline, 'BUILDING FOR LIFE'. The adoption of this taglines comes at a time of tremendous change within the biopharmaceutical industry and around the globe, requiring fast track capacity to provide patients with urgently needed vaccines and other lifesaving pharmaceutical treatments.

G-CON's emphasis from its inception has been to serve the patient and the BUILDING FOR LIFE campaign is emblematic of that effort.

"Our team strives to serve the patient in providing cleanroom infrastructures and facilities," Maik Jornitz, President and CEO of G-CON states. "While we do not produce essential therapeutic drugs, we see ourselves as a partner to the pharmaceutical industry supplying the highest quality and flexible cleanrooms in the fastest and most reliable delivery time. We firmly believe in the innovation and supply of processing spaces that are far more efficient and turnkey than past solutions. Our products have a major impact on therapeutics manufacturing and therefore, the patients."

The new tagline emphasises the company's ultimate purpose and passion - saving lives. G-CON is "BUILDING FOR LIFE"; by abbreviating the design, build, delivery and qualification time of cleanrooms for pharmaceutical products with its proprietary and patented prefabricated and prequalified cleanroom units. The new campaign focuses on what the prefabricated cleanroom does and seeks to increase awareness of its capabilities to the patient and the industry at large.

Recent project

G-CON Manufacturing has also been selected by Codiak BioSciences to support its cleanroom build-out at its new clinical manufacturing facility in Lexington, MA. The PODs will provide the cleanroom infrastructure for the drug substance and product manufacturing for its clinical pipeline.

Codiak chose PODs to streamline the buildout of the facility; the cleanroom infrastructures are being built in parallel with the site retrofitting to shorten the overall project timeline. The prefabricated autonomous PODs will allow for easy expansion in the same facility when additional capacity is needed to support Codiak’s growing pipeline.

“Exosomes are often talked about as being the next revolutionary modality in our industry, likely to follow the cell and gene therapy movement that we are experiencing,” said Peter Makowenskyj, Director of Sales Engineering at G-CON. “It is very exciting to work with a pioneer in this space, helping Codiak to build out their infrastructure and helping them to keep the manufacturing and development know how in house.”

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“Building a scalable, high-performance exosome manufacturing process has been a priority of Codiak since our inception,” said Konstantin Konstantinov, Executive VP of Manufacturing and Process Sciences at Codiak BioSciences. “Our new Clinical Manufacturing Facility is a critical part of this strategy, and we were pleased to work with G-CON in building the infrastructure to produce our engineered exosomes at the quality and quantities needed to support the future growth of our programmes.”

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