Global One-Pak to unveil first anti-bacterial dispensing pack

steriGOP is for high hygiene areas where soap, lotions and cleaning sprays are shared

Global One-Pak will launch the first product in the steriGOP series of anti-bacterial dispensing packs at the end of this month

Global One-Pak (GOP), a global supplier of plastic packaging components such as trigger sprayers, lotion pumps and micro sprayers, will launch what it claims is the world’s first anti-bacterial commercial dispensing pack at the end of this month.

Suitable for the commercial cleaning, janitorial, healthcare and catering markets, the first product available in the range is a 750ml white bottle with an anti-leak trigger spray.

There are plans to extend the steriGOP range to the consumer market over the coming months.

“SteriGOP is ideal for high hygiene areas where hand soap, lotions and cleaning sprays are shared,” said GOP director Bharat Mistry.

“The packaging combats the spread of germs by ensuring that bacteria on the outer packaging are eradicated, preventing cross-contamination between users.”

The steriGOP range has been independently tested and is proven to reduce bacteria such as MRSA and E. Coli, by 99.99%.

Mistry added: “The steriGOP range is the only packaging of its type, which kills bacteria for the lifetime of the product. We anticipate demand from manufacturers of personal care and commercial cleaning products.”