Hoist UK to showcase projects at the Cleanroom Technology Conference

The British manufacturer will exhibit some of its key projects, including its work in the largest cleanroom at the Harwell Space Cluster for Oxford Space Systems

Hoist UK is a British manufacturer of lifting and handling equipment for a wide variety of market sectors. It will be showcasing some of its cleanroom projects on 21–22 May at the Cleanroom Technology Conference in Birmingham.

Hoist UK supplies cleanroom ready lifting and handling solutions for unique applications from its factory in the UK.

The company has been working with a client in the pharmaceutical industry. Their requirement was a cleanroom crane system with a safe working load of 50kg to lift 3.1 metres in a 4 metre tall room.

The Hoist UK team manufactured a wall mounted, stainless steel jib crane with three anchor points to the wall, a 3.1 metre lift and a 180-degree slew. A cleanroom electric belt hoist was used with removable stainless-steel cover with minimal horizontal surfaces. The cover was designed to maintain cleanroom integrity and make for easy cleaning. The non-metallic, lubrication free belt ensured efficient lifting whilst maintaining the integrity of the cleanroom.

Hoist UK was also invited to work in the largest cleanroom at the Harwell Space Cluster for Oxford Space Systems. The team was required to design and manufacture a cleanroom crane system with a safe working load of 1,250kg.

The job involved working inside a factory that was to be converted into a cleanroom.

Hoist UK was invited to work at the Harwell Space Cluster for Oxford Space Systems

Hoist UK’s involvement in this project was twofold. Firstly, it designed and manufactured a crane support structure to specifications provided to fit into the cleanroom and then the cleanroom was build around the crane system, once it was installed. This allowed OSS to maximise the use of the space in the room. This structure was 15 metres wide and 10 metres tall.

Secondly, Hoist UK designed and manufactured an underslung, double girder crane system. The system had a 12 metre span suspended on four longitudinal tracks. The longitudinal crane tracks were fixed to the support structure using a series of uniquely designed support stools that could penetrate the cleanroom ceiling and allow for airtight sealing to preserve airtight conditions in the cleanroom environment.

The overhead crane was fitted with an electric belt hoist with cleanroom preparation wand stainless steel components. Hoist UK also provided non-metallic lubrication free lifting belt and non metallic wheels on the hoist or the crane, this was a specific request from the customer for their unique operating environment.

To give the client the flexibility and range their operation required, the crane was supplied with dual lifting speeds for precision raising and lowering and set up with variable speed travel speeds on the crane to provide greater control of the lifted load.

Hoist UK can engineer the lifting solutions provided to be suitable for use in the semi-conductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The company can also provide a cleanroom lifting and handling solution regardless of required height of lift or safe working load.

Speak to Paul or James at the Cleanroom Technology Conference to see how Hoist UK can help you.

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