How can we buy high-quality steel cleanroom doors?

At present, high-quality steel cleanroom doors are widely used in engineering fields such as biopharmaceutical, food, electronics and medical industries. In China, there are many steel cleanroom door manufacturers with uneven products and low market positioning. Each manufacturer mainly focuses on quantity, but ignores the quality

So how can we buy high-quality steel cleanroom doors? After more than 40 years of development of Wiskind , during the production process, several points need to be paid attention to:

Thickness of door leaf steel plate

When buying cleanroom doors, you need to know the thickness of the door leaf. General manufacturers make the steel cleanroom door leaf 0.4-0.6mm thickness, while Wiskind makes the steel cleanroom door leaf 0.6-0.8mm thickness, although we cannot see the real thickness of the steel cleanroom door plate, but the thickness of the steel plate must be particularly emphasised when purchasing, and can do sampling inspection.

Door surface spraying

Many ordinary spray paints use relatively cheap raw materials, but steel cleanroom doors must use high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials. The quality of the inspection door surface mainly depends on the paint filmhardness, flexibility, flatness, colour, etc. The surface is scratch resistant and the flexibility allows for bending without cracking. The surface is flawlessly flat and can be felt by hand. The paint which is applied does not give off any particles that could contaminate the cleanroom. The surface of Wiskind's clean steel door is sprayed with electrostatic resin powder with full colour.

Window on the door

There are single-layer and double-layer windows on the door, but currently the windows on the door are mainly double-layer glass. The quality of the windows determines the use time. The poor quality windows are prone to fogging after long-term use, which affects the appearance. Wiskind cleanroom's window adopts patented window keel. The ventilation holes are arranged uniformly on both sides of the keel. The 3A molecular sieve reacts with the air in the cleanroom window through the gaps on both sides to ensure the anti-fogging performance of the cleanroom window.

Door Hardware

The quality of the door hardware will directly affect the use of the door. Wiskind cleanroom door locks use customised German locks, which have passed 500,000 opening and closing experiments, two-year warranty for the entire door, and free lifetime maintenance services. At the same time, the Wiskind cleanroom door is the first product in the industry to be tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. It can achieve multiple indicators such as wind-pressure resistance/air tightness/soft impact resistance, vertical load resistance, and static distortion resistance.

Wiskind cleanroom door and window product series are divided into steel cleanroom doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum cleanroom doors, hollow cleanroom windows, fire-resistant windows, and dimming windows. Depending on different industries and environments, we can provide cleanroom enclosure system solutions and related technical service support.

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