How reliable is your cleanroom monitoring system?


The TSI Facility Monitoring Software is the go-to system for reliable data

Reliable cleanroom monitoring leads to reduced product waste, improved yield, product quality and increased profits.

The TSI Facility Monitoring System has become the system of choice for reliable data collection. It operates with no interruptions; if your main monitoring system fails, an optional Buddy Automatic Hot Standby System has you covered.

No Buddy? Let the TSI Airborne Particle Counters collect the data. When the monitoring system comes back online, it will make a call for the data collected with no data loss. If the database fails, a mirror database reliably collects the data. Furthermore, TSI FMS Monitoring Software makes it easy to be compliant.

TSI FMS with OPC UA client/server functionality

The TSI FMS OPC UA client/server functionality provides easy and immediate access to real-time and historic data throughout a modern manufacturing environment; all in a simple facility monitoring system design.

Data is securely shared with multiple platforms and enterprise reporting systems. Being certified by the OPC Foundation, the product passed thorough function and performance testing to assure end-users that TSI FMS OPC UA Client/Server meets or exceeds expectations for compliance, interoperability, robustness, and resource efficiency.

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