How to make cleanrooms smarter?


TSI Facility Monitoring Software with OPC UA client/server functionality makes great business sense

Reliable cleanroom monitoring leads to reduced product waste, improved yield, product quality and increased profits. TSI Facility Monitoring Software (FMS) makes it easy. The software has been design to turn critical data collected from many sensors into relevant information. This is key to increasing knowledge and a better understanding of manufacturing processes.

Reliable information gathering drives better decision making that leads to opportunities for process improvement, cost savings and risk reduction, without compromising patient safety.

TSI FMS OPC UA client/server functionality provides easy and immediate access to real time and historic data throughout a modern manufacturing environment in a simple facility monitoring system design. Data is securely shared with multiple platforms and enterprise reporting systems. Certified by the OPC Foundation, the product passed thorough function and performance testing to assure users that the product meets or exceeds expectations for compliance, interoperability, robustness and resource efficiency.

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