Innovative plastic primary packaging for pharmaceuticals

At Pharmapack in Paris, Spang & Brands will put the spotlight on two innovative pharmaceutical devices: a single-use nasal dosing device and a sterile connector

L-R: sterile connector and nasal applicator

The first highlighted product is the single-use nasal dosing device, enabling highly precise application of the drug to the nasal mucosa. In general, there is a growing trend to administer medications via mucosa because it enables direct application of minimal doses and many patients are afraid of needles.

The dosing device is designed to be patient friendly and ensures precise agitating of the medication, obtaining a fast and strong effect. The patented dosing system has a simple structure consisting of four plastic parts and can be used as platform for custom developments.

Sterile connectors will also be highlighted. Solutions (liquid medications, pharmaceuticals or stored blood) can be transported safely through the sterile connector from bags, bottles or ampoules to another container and finally transfused into the patient with no risk of contamination.

Jürgen Mader, Chief Technology Officer, said: “Regardless of the environmental conditions, there is no risk of contamination thanks to the sterile, particle-free connection”.

“If need be, the connection can be set up outside the hospital, outdoors, or at the patient's home.“

Since pathogens typical of hospitals can crop up anywhere, sterile connectors mean one less thing to worry about. The sterile connector is safe and easy to handle.

Friedrich Echterdiek, Chairman of the Management Board, said: “This patented technology has the potential for a wide variety of future applications.”

Spang & Brands will exhibit a sterile bag-sealing system consisting of a 2-component plastic TPC (temper proof cap) and a 2-port bottle pack caps with TPE sealing components, break-off caps made of various plastic parts and combinations of materials, and other sealing systems.

At Pharmapack the company will exhibit a variety of pharmaceutical and medical technology systems at stand K53: injection moulded single and multi-component high precision and micro products, such as connecting pieces, working parts for infusion solution bags and sealing systems, penetrable membranes, catheters, syringes, implant components for minimally invasive treatment, as well as assembled components.

“We have been specialising in precision and cleanroom injection moulding technology for the medical and pharmaceutical industry for more than 35 years. We have both the latest equipment and a highly skilled and experienced team,” said Echterdiek.

Alexander März, Chief Technology Officer, said: “Pharmaceutical primary packaging is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of ease of use and optimal safety for the patient.”

“At Pharmapack we are going to demonstrate that we have mastered the technology necessary to that purpose: parts development, mould making, injection-moulding technology – 70 machines, mainly electrical, cleanroom applications, assembly and production processes for the entire value chain.”