Integrity Cleanroom enters modular cleanroom market in the US


Global supply deals with several electronics companies throughout the US have expanded the UK-based business’ reach across the country

Integrity Cleanroom enters modular cleanroom market in the US

Integrity Cleanroom, part of Ant Group, has expanded its product range to include modular cleanrooms as well as consumables. Building on manufacturing knowledge, the UK company is to launch in the US before the end of the year.

Sister company Antistat, a provider of antistatic products, has also been expanding to the US and is now incorporated in Texas. This is a key base location for many major electronics companies, such as Dell, Microsoft and Apple. Cleanroom Technology understands that initially, Integrity will operate out of Texas as an entity under Antistat Inc. rather than as an entirely separate business.

Antistat and Integrity Cleanroom have also expanded their services to offer supply chain managed services. Both companies will provide these services worldwide through their new global service team based at their HQ in Bury St Edmunds, in the UK.

"Antistat is well placed to expand into the US market. Technology companies such as ourselves need to be where the volume manufacturing happens," said CEO, John Hensley. "We feel that our agile nature positions us well to create new trade agreements forecasting significant growth despite Brexit uncertainty," he added.

The outsourcing of these activities is commonplace within many global businesses and the transfer of key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party improves speed and efficiency for businesses.

Team and infrastructure

A Texas-based Vice President has been recruited to the company who is tasked to deliver significant multimillion-dollar revenue over the next five years, building the brand, team and infrastructure.

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"Antistat forecasts £15+ million (US$19.4m) turnover for 2020, it's an exciting, fast-growing and profitable organisation with 50 full-time employees based in Bury St Edmunds supporting the US sales and account management teams with in-house marketing, finance and logistics expertise," Hensley concluded.