Lockheed Martin begins assembly of JCSAT-17 satellite


Newest LM2100 satellite for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation has entered the cleanroom for assembly

Lockheed Martin has moved the JCSAT-17 commercial communications satellite to its cleanroom for assembly. The task has been handed over to the assembly, test and launch operations (ATLO) team in Denver, US.

The satellite, manufactured for the SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SJC), has entered the assembly and test cycle after completing a rigorous design and engineering phase.

Built on Lockheed Martin's new advanced LM2100 bus, JCSAT-17 is designed to deliver flexible, high-bandwidth communications to users in Japan and the surrounding region.

The satellite's payload incorporates S-band transponders with a flexible processor along with 18m mesh reflector, enabling assured communications continuity during disaster relief efforts and other high-volume events. It will also carry C- band and Ku-band.

"JCSAT-17's cutting-edge flexible payload processor means that SJC can move bandwidth where it's needed, when it's needed, ensuring that this satellite stays agile, ready and relevant for years to come," said Sam Basuthakur, Lockheed Martin JCSAT-17 programme manager.

This is the third modernized and first mobile satellite service (MSS) built on the new LM2100 platform, Basuthakur explained. The satellite is scheduled for launch in 2019 on Ariane-5.

From assembly to launch

A critical stage in the program, ATLO begins with the satellite's assembly, then moves through the environmental testing and concludes with its launch.

Over the next nine months, the ATLO team will integrate subsystem equipment onto the satellite structure, including power, attitude control, propulsion, thermal control, telemetry tracking and control, mechanisms, RF payload and antennas.

JCSAT-17 is the eighth satellite built by Lockheed Martin for SJC, beginning with NSAT-110, JCSAT-9 through JCSAT-13 and JCSAT-110R.

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“Both Lockheed Martin and SJC are excited to start assembly and integration of this innovative spacecraft employing LM2100 best practices and streamlined ATLO process, which will provide critical MSS communications to SJC and to the people of Japan,” Basuthakur concluded.