Medical Air Technology wins theatre refurbishment contract at the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust


Work at the hospital is already underway

Medical Air Technology (MAT) is pleased to announce that it has won a contract at the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in Nuneaton to refit and upgrade two operating theatres.

The contract, which went out to competitive tender, is for the complete refurbishment of Theatres 1 and 2. Work at the hospital has already begun, and will include the installation of new ventilation and air conditioning plants and mechanical and electrical services, operating lights, IPS/UPS electrical systems, touchscreen surgeons’ panels, PACS systems, and flooring and decorations.

Statue of George Eliot Hospital foyer

Statue of George Eliot Hospital foyer

MAT will also install its ECO-flow 28 ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopy in Theatre 1, extending the range of surgical procedures that it can support. MAT introduced the ECO-flow range, which offers significantly reduced energy usage and cost savings without any reduction in the level of efficacy, to help the NHS in its efforts to meet energy efficiency targets – in choosing the ECO-flow, the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust has not only selected an advanced, highly engineered UCV canopy boasting a raft of benefits, but has also further confirmed its commitment to meeting these targets.

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The project is due for completion by the end of February 2016, allowing only four months from start to finish. MAT has worked with the hospital before, so is familiar with the site and staff, and is confident that this tight programme of works is realistic and achievable, and by early next year the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust will have two outstanding new operating theatres that will allow it to offer the people of Warwickshire a wider range of surgery, carried out in world-class facilities.

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