Micronclean expands into India

Micronclean targets expansion into the Indian Pharmaceutical Market

The Indian pharmaceutical market is expected to grow at over 15% per annum between 2015 and 2020 and currently accounts for 20% of the world’s volume in pharmaceutical products.

Micronclean’s expansion plans seek to leverage their existing knowledge and experience in both the cleanroom supplies and laundered garments arena to offer improved products and services to the Indian market.

In the field of cleanroom supplies Micronclean has recently entered into a joint-venture agreement with Span Divergent Ltd to establish Biospan Contamination Control Solutions which will sell Micronclean’s existing range of fully accredited cleanroom products into the Indian market.

To support the launch of the joint-venture the company is exhibiting at CPHi/PMEC exhibition in Mumbai which is the premier Indian Pharmaceutical exhibition.

In a separate development Micronclean has recently incorporated Micronclean India Private Limited.

This is the first formal step in Micronclean’s programme to build an ISO5 cleanroom laundry in Bangalore, offering a laundered cleanroom garment service to the pharmaceutical companies in the region.

Micronclean’s cleanroom garment service will be a first for the Indian Market and builds on the knowledge and experience Micronclean have from running their existing ISO4 cleanroom laundry in the UK.

Simon Fry, Micronclean CEO, said: “Micronclean has an established reputation for quality and service within the UK market for both cleanroom consumables and for decontaminating cleanroom garments and we are using this knowledge and experience to target the growing Indian pharmaceutical market.

“As a company, we are fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead but we are confident that we can deliver both of these strategic developments to deliver business benefits both in India and back in the UK.”

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