Micronclean launches custom-made sterile packs

New offering expands the Microndevices sterile pack range and includes a ‘pack-and-irradiate’ service

Do you have a pharmaceutical product which requires a range of compounding equipment to manufacture?

Would it improve efficiency if all components were in one pack, ready to use?

Micronclean will work with you to develop a custom package to meet your needs. Micronclean provides a range of pharmacy compounding components with compatible luer lock fittings, including:

  • Syringes in seven sizes
  • Dispensing pins (spikes)
  • Drawing up needles
  • Fluid connectors
  • Filter needles
  • Pens
  • Labels
  • Waste bags
  • Light inhibiting bags

All packs available either double or triple bagged.

Pack and Irradiate Service

Do you have a requirement to have items used in your compounding area cleanroom-packed and irradiated?

Micronclean now offers a ‘pack-and-irradiate’ service with several benefits:

  • Items prepped and packed in a validated ISO class 6 / EU GMP grade C cleanroom
  • Validated packaging either double or triple bagged
  • Validated gamma irradiation process
  • Micronclean’s extensive logistics network used for optimum irradiation turnaround
  • Optional bioburden assessment of packs

Micronclean Sterile Packs

Micronclean’s sterile packs cleanroom, located in Skegness, UK, is a state-of-the-art medical device cleanroom meeting ISO 14644-1 Class 6 and EU GMP grade C.

The company is the leading supplier of pharmacy compounding packs in the UK and have a dedicated product development team working with end-users to create new products designed to improve efficiency, quality and compliance.

If you have a requirement please contact Micronclean’s Medical Device Technical Specialist Philip Borrington to discuss vial phone cal—01754 767377—or email philip.borrington@micronclean.co.uk.

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